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Domestic Geese

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Domestic Geese

Domestic geese have been bred for thousands of years for their meat, eggs, and down feathers.

The original Domestic Goose in Europe, North Africa and Western Asia was descended from the Greylag Goose, while in Eastern Asia the original Domestic Goose was descended from the Swan Goose which is also called the Chinese Goose.

Domestic geese are larger and fatter than wild geese as they have been bred for meat and also lay many more eggs. They have a varied coloured plumage with many selected to lose their dark feathers resulting in many white domestic geese.

White geese have often been preferred as they look better plucked and dressed and white down feathers are better for stuffing pillows, cushions, bedding/clothing and other items.

Escaped Domestic geese will sometimes breed with wild geese resulting in a hybrid Domestic Goose X Greylag (or Swan Goose) which have various coloured plumages.

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Domestic Swan Goose (Chinese Goose) - Michelle
Domestic Swan Goose (Chinese Goose) - Picture - Michelle