Wildfowl Identification Quiz

This Wildfowl Identification Quiz page is to help you learn to recognise different species of Ducks, Geese, Flamingos, Cranes and Swans.

Select type of wildfowl below (ie Diving Ducks) and identify the bird in the photograph using multiple-choice-answers. If your answer is correct it will move on to the next random photograph or if you are wrong then you get another chance to try again. There is no score and the quiz carries on indefinately.

You can switch to another type of wildfowl at any time using the menu below.

Cranes (Family: Gruidae)

Dabbling Ducks (Subfamily: Anatinae)

Diving Ducks (Subfamily: Aythyinae)

Perching Ducks (Cairininae or Cairinini)

Sea Ducks (Subfamily: Merginae)

Shelducks (Subfamily: Tadorninae)

Stiff-tail Ducks (Subfamily: Oxyurinae)

Whistling Ducks (Subfamily: Dendrocygninae)

Flamingos (Family: Phoenicopteridae)

Geese (Family: Anatidae, Subfamily: Anserinae)

Swans (Family: Anatidae, Subfamily: Anserinae,                  Genus: Cygnus)

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Flamingo Identification Quiz

Flamingo Photo
Can you identify this Flamingo?